Bungalow at Shrivardhan

I have made 3 concepts for the Bungalow designs for this project at Punir village near the famous beach of Shrivardhan. All the three concepts are different in design, aesthetics and planning. In the first concept I have used a lot of abstraction of elements in the locale. The second concept is look of a Japanese house with planning as per project requirements. And the third concept is using spaces to create contemporary look. All the 3 concepts are explained in detail with individual designs.

However there are many common factors also in the design. The total area of bungalows has been kept between 1150 sq. ft. to 1350 sq. ft. Typically there is a living room, kitchen, dining room, one bedroom on ground floor & one bedroom on first floor with attached terrace. The room sizes are comfortable and can be increased or decreased to adjust as per plot size. The plans are compact with minimum wastage of space. Though there are few design elements which may increase the average cost, we can manage it as there will be multiple units to be built. Also importantly as all our plots are facing north & south direction, entry to the bungalow has been directed through east-west axis.

Option 1

This design is based on abstraction of various elements of the location where our project is based. The wavy blue mosaic roof over vernadah is an abstraction of Shrivardhan’s sea. The terrace along this roof will have sand like finish to its surface to signify the beach. The sloping roof over first floor bedroom with green tiles finish forms the backdrop in the way lush green mountains form the backdrop of our site. The staircase column at base is like the rocky bed of sea and towers out like a lighthouse with stone finished curved wall.

In planning, the living room will have double height. One interesting aspect of this plan is that I have created an attic in the first floor bedroom. This can be used as a private space within the bedroom for reading, meditation or such activities. This attic overlooks common terrace over the living room. However there will be no direct access between these two areas. The first floor bedroom will also have a good height due to the attic and sloping roof.

Option 2

This bungalow has been given a look of Japanese house. The sloping roof over living room and first floor bedroom has the shape used in Japanese Architecture. Wooden finished railings and grills give the house an ethnic feel. Zen motif design is used in two circular fixed glass windows.

An open to sky courtyard in the centre of house adds intrigue to the plan. This courtyard will have dry landscape and will be covered by skylight. The intention is to make it the focal point of the house and will be highlighted by the natural light from the skylight. All the rooms are positioned around the courtyard and it will be a vantage point while moving around the house using the staircase and the passages.

Option 3

The underlying theme for this concept is contemporary look. Straight lines and modern design elements are used to achieve it. There is a precast perforated wall is used in verandah to create dramatic play of light and shadow. This wall will also add privacy to the verandah. The living room has double height and can be overlooked from the staircase while going to the first floor.

A screen of vertical slats and pergola roof makes the terrace a bit more interesting rather than just another open space. It can be used in more creative ways than a normal terrace would be. The sloping roof at the rear will help the structure blend with local architecture.